My Favorite News (April 30, 2017)


New Mascot characters

Yuri!!!on Ice will come back

We'll be seeing Yuri, Victor and Yurio back on the rink!

I have never been to Tokyo Skytree

Japan's tallest structure, Tokyo Skytree, has kicked off an exciting new exhibition that revolves around the highly popular manga and anime series

Deep toilet world

One of the absolute essentials to having a pleasant trip is to be able to go to the toilet without worries. Here is some information about bathrooms in Japan th...


Two cities known for ninja, Iga in Mie Prefecture and Koka in Shiga Prefecture, have been officially named "Japan Heritage" properties, the government said

Kyoto is a famous place of bamboo

Japans bamboo crafts, with a history dating back a millennium, may be taken for granted in their ho

Near future


I also use it frequently

Yamato Holdings Co said Friday it will raise basic shipping fees for its door-to-door parcel delivery service for the first time in 27 years in a move prompted ...

To lose it quickly

Children’s Day

Japans national holidays celebrate its people, culture, and natural scenery. Learn the names of the holidays and the dates on which they fall in this month-by-...

What is ’voice actress’

Consecutive holidays