My Favorite News (May 2, 2017)


I want it

Super Mario, Pokémon, and Zelda series salutes among the winners in global design contest.

Films that were also popular in Japan

Manga beyond the border

Manga ‘Office Kenta’

Follow the adventure of Kenta the office dog who lives with Shiba-kuns family and commutes to office everyday, where his job is to heal stressed humans. Shiba-...

Top Ten Ongoing Shonen Manga

Which of the currently serialized shonen manga are the best?


We can't really blame the doggo for wanting to stay on guard around the walking pincushion.

Small universe

You can now own a little part of Japan to have in your own room!

God of God

Izumo-taisha is recognized as one of the most important shrines in Japan, along with Ise-jingu. It has an extremely old history and even appears in Japanese myt...

want to eat

Sweets produced by musical duo PUFFY AmiYumi went on sale across Japan's convenience stores and supermarkets today. PUFFYスイーツ come in a series of four fo...

Wisteria festival

Visitors walk through a tunnel of blooming wisterias Monday at Tokyo's Kameido Tenjin shrine during the annual wisteria festival.


Reservations are rushing

Illegal parking lot

The so-called sharing economy has spread to a variety of fields such as cars and homes, and Japan has seen another rising trend in recent years — bic

Fairly serious

Supermarkets and consumers are snapping up potato chips due to shortage, the Nikkei Asian Review reported.

Same generation

Born in Japan

Hochspannende Entscheidung in einem der wichtigsten Vorbereitungsrennen für das Deutsche Derby am Montag auf der bestens besuchten Galopprennbahn in München-Rie...