My Favorite News (May 4, 2017)


30th anniversary of debut

Its been 30 years and 200 million copies since Aoyama debuted with Magic Kaito!

wonderful movie

It’s important but not everything

cuteness is justice

The old Japanese saying, a fair complexion hides seven flaws, attests to the high regard the Japanese have for a light skin tone. Even today, amid the ebb and...

One of the small Kyoto

Kanazawa, which has popular dining and sightseeing spots, has many visitors from both inside and outside of the country. Were introducing some particularly rec...


Ginza is a sophisticated town that you can enjoy in various ways such as visiting historical and old-established restaurants, typical sightseeing spots, and the...


Japan's legendary ninjas are famous for their stealth and were said to possess a supernatural gift for invisibility. But now martial arts experts are concerned ...

Japanese stringed instruments

Chicago-born Curtis Patterson has lived in Japan since 1986, dedicating himself to the koto, a traditional Japanese instrument something like the harp. In addit...


Common news

Season of traffic jam

I think so too

Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura said the fact that a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) co

Luxury train

Train Suite Shiki-shima, East Japan Railway's new sleeper service, may just be the world's most incredible train.