My Favorite News (May 9, 2017)



A sad and touching video available with 3 lyrics ( TRANSLATION ROMAJI KANJI ), a unit comprising MC Ituka and DJ Gonchi held their final concert in their national tour titled, not not me  in Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo. Charism...


Sashihara Rino

Sashihara Rino recently revealed via Twitter that she has gotten all four of her wisdom teeth removed. On May 5, Sashihara tweeted, "I got my wisdom teeth remov...

Idol Renaissance

Idol Renaissance connect their past, present, and future together with the MV for “Kōkan Note&...

Transience of Idol

The essence of the charm of Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms lies in their fragile life which...

Dragon Quest

Iconic video game fanfare rewards purchasers of Dragon Quest Critical Hit-Flavor fried chicken.

spectacular desertscape

Escape the big city lights and get lost in this spectacular desertscape.


Billboard Japan Charts

This week, Choutokkyuu topped the Hot 100 chart with their new single Cho Nebagiba DANCE. Yuzu topped the Hot Albums chart their new best album Yuzu Iro

weekly download charts

Recochoku have updated their weekly charts for the week of April 26th to May 2nd. Check out the top ranking digital singles, albums and music videos for this we...


From Amuse comes these adorable dinosaur plushies! There are 8 to choose from including the fierce T-rex (those little arms are so cute!), water-loving Futabasa...


Moritomo Gakuen

A Finance Ministry senior official acknowledged on May 8 that an audio recording from 2016 of a meeting between Yasunori Kagoike, the former head of scandal-hit...

Narita Airport

NARITA, Chiba Prefecture--Foreign tourists can experience Japans omotenashi hospitality culture a

Ice skating stars & kabuki actors

Natsume Soseki

A portrait of Natsume Sōseki, Japans most highly regarded modern author, 150 years after his birth. Skilled in both the traditional learning of classical Chine...


A team of scientists from Japanese research institutes has confirmed low electric current around deep-sea hydrothermal vents, suggesting a possibility that such...

Hiroshi Sugimoto