My Favorite News (May 16, 2017)


Mini Petticoat

As the temperature rises, so do the hemlines, but that doesn't mean everyone gets to take a peak at your underwear.

Melo Imai

'Snow Drop' is garnering praise from customers of online retailers and


I am sure many people have experienced getting a neck-ache while riding a car. FELISSIMO Nekobu released a Seat belt pillowwhich supports the riders neck c...

LADYBABY & Seiko Oomori

Since we were originally discovered by Seiko, in regards to work, we had some mixed feelings over w...


Bandjanaimon! keep their Perfect Year 2017 rolling with the supercharged MV for “METAMORISER...




This weeks guests were Rekishi, Ito Seiko, Nishidera Gota, Takahashi Shigeo, and Kojima Ruriko. Kanjani8 also performed. Kanjani8 - Samurai Uta

EXILE To Hold Vocal Auditions

weekly download charts

Recochoku have updated their weekly charts for the week of May 3rd to May 9th. Check out the top ranking digital singles, albums and music videos for this week ...

your name

Hana ni Somu

Hana ni Somu (Dyed with a flower), a long-running manga about Japanese archery by Fusako Kuramochi

Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville

Pokemon The Movie Volcanion and


Pleasant GIF

You wont find a more representative or whimsical interpretation of life in Tokyo.


Aoi Matsuri


Strawberry Fields

Tochigi, north of Tokyo, is Japans top producer of strawberries. Visitors to the prefectures farms enjoy all-you-can-eat picking tours and come away raving ab...

Self-Service Baggage Drop Machines

Japan Society 110th Anniversary Celebration

Join us for an all day celebration in honor of Japan Societys 110th Anniversary!  Enjoy free gallery admission and complimentary tea, while perusing a selectio...

Kasuga-taisha Shrine from twitter