My Favorite News (May 21, 2017)


AnimeJapan 2017 convention

One of the worlds largest fan conventions dedicated to Japanese anime, AnimeJapan attracted a recor

Instagram Famous in Japan

Actors and models are always seen and celebrated for their flawless fashion and good looks in magazi...


Had your fill of Pokémon Go? Use this device to play classic Game Boy-era games on your phone's display!


Extra-stylish Pikachu and starter Pokémon adorn compacts, water bottles, and snacks.

Sailor Moon

Podcast Live

With the MCM London Comic Con less than a week away, Elliot and Andy convene to talk about all the latest goings-on in the wonderful world of anime.


Heat wave

Hayao Miyazaki

The maestro is back--again.Acclaimed anime genius Hayao Miyazaki, 76, has called it quits on retirem

Keihan Electric Railway

OSAKA--Passengers using Keihan Electric Railway Co.'s express train service between Osaka and Kyoto

Repaying the dolls

A Shinto priest prays for dolls during the Festival of Repayment of Kindness at Dairoku-tensakaki Shrine in Tokyo, Saturday. Traditionally, it is believed that ...

Noh theater

NARA -- A traditional Noh theater festival called