My Favorite News (May 22, 2017)


In This Corner of the World

The Japanese indie sector would seem to be thriving, if numbers are the sole criterion. Last year, 610 domestic films were released, according to figures compil...

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is looking for a few good animators.


One of Japan's most popular online web portals goo decided to hold a ranking for Hello!Project's most bizarre song title names. The former main figurehead

new Nissin Noodle CM

A new CM starring Gen Hoshino and Riho Yoshioka has been getting a lot of attention both online and on Japan's television screens. In the CM Gen is eating


Japan’s copyright

Japan's copyright enforcers ask: how many words must a man write down, before he can be shaken down?




holy land for cyclists

MATSUYAMAEhime Prefecture has opened a 1,000-kilometer loop cycling course that runs through Shikok


Bitcoin climbed above ,000 for the first time Saturday on increased demand from Japanese and Chinese investors.

Japanese armor

SHIZUOKA -- Kunouzan Toshogu Museum here aims to use internet crowdfunding campaigns to sponsor the restoration of a total of 63 suits of armor in storage once ...

Japan and New Zealand

Like free-trade superheroes, Japan and New Zealand are spearheading efforts to make the Trans-Pacific Partnership a reality without the U.S.

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