My Favorite News (May 24, 2017)


Music – UVERworld

Music – Yuzu

Yuzu will release two brand new CDs in June.The first one is titled "Utaou",and it will hit store shelves on June 21. A week later on June 28, the second CD cal...

Music – E-girls

It's been revealed that E-girls will be making an important announcement on June 5.[/S

Affection for stockings

Longevity program

There are many manga-originated animes you can watch today. Some have been broadcasted for so long l...



Japan’s Delivery Crisis

The online commerce boom has brought crisis to Japans delivery companies, which cannot handle the increased volume. Drivers are working unreasonable hours and ...

serval cat

Even on a slow weekday afternoon, more than 70 visitors surrounded an enclosure at Tama Zoological P



TATEYAMA, Chiba Prefecture--An ultra-rare megamouth shark wandered into a fishing net off the coast

High technology

KOFU -- A research group from the University of Yamanashi has announced that


Fugitive warrant

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