My Favorite News (May 28, 2017)


the Movie to watch

Galaxy Express 999


Final Fantasy and Family Stories

GENERATIONS cancel Europe shows

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE have canceled the Europe shows of their world tour "GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE WORLD TOUR 2017 ~SPEEDSTER~". The canceled shows i...


predia serve up a feast of the senses with the sensual MV for “Nouvelle Cuisine” (releas...

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Hakuho is the winner

You are more beautiful than a rose

Dangerous driving

KADOMA, Osaka Prefecture--Police on May 27 arrested a teenager and a 20-year-old male on suspicion o


The Google-owned computer algorithm AlphaGo is retiring from playing humans in the ancient Chinese game of Go after roundly defeating the world's top player thi...


People dig for clams at a beach in Yokohama on Saturday.

Steam Locomotive