My Favorite News (May 30, 2017)


Studio Ghibli

10 Concerts To See In Japan This Year

In light of the recent attack in Manchester, it's a hard time to be a music fan no matter what city you call home. Though it would be easy to let that stop you ...

Hey! Say! JUMP

Hey! Say! JUMP is back at it again in their tenth anniversary year with a double A-side single, "Precious Girl"/"Are You There?", on July 05!  The single will b...

Ninja and idols

Kobushi Factory unleash their jutsu in the action-packed MV for “Eejanaika Ninjanaika” f...


Kyushu idol group LinQ took a big step towards an uncertain future as they took the stage at Nakano ...


Shinkansen and smoking cessation


After maintaining his winning ways for the past few tournaments, including posting a 11-4 win-loss record in the most recent May Grand Sumo Tournament, sekiwake...


anti-‘JK biz’

In Japan

Gatebox AI is like an Amazon Echo mixed with the movie "Her" (but with fewer mustaches).

Beautiful butterfly

HIMESHIMA, Oita Prefecture--Gracefully flitting from flower to flower, around 1,000 dancing chestnut

Public bath

A Tokyo bathhouse is offering classes on topics ranging from comedy to gaming in hopes of luring younger bathers and reversing Japan's dying tradition of commun...