My Favorite News (June 1, 2017)


Let’s vote for Yui Yokoyama


A simple design issue dictates that all lattes are not created equal.


The two soul foods of the west of Japan are okonomiyaki, a sort-of savoury pancake, and takoyaki, a ball of dough with octopus testicles inside. This survey fro...


Sailor Moon

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure movie

Director Miike Takashi will be attending the premiere at Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

from twitter

In This Corner of the World will be at @annecyfestival, @LAFilmFestival & @edfilmfest this summer! 😍


Princess Mako

Princess Mako, the oldest of Emperor Akihito's four grandchildren, left for a one-week visit to the

Gotochi number

Applications for background designs for special regional

Kaminarimon gate

white lion

HIMEJI, Hyogo -- White lion cubs recently born at a zoo in this city are melting the hearts of animal keepers before they go on public display in early July.


A trip to the Omori district of Oda, Shimane Prefecture, will make you feel as if you have slipped b


Momota’s return

Japanese Derby