My Favorite News (June 2, 2017)


Studio Ghibli Park

The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan has been a destination for Studio Ghibli fans around the world since it opened in 2001, and now they have something more exci...

Electrical Parade of Ghibli Park?

muscular idol duo

DEADLIFT LOLITA, the muscular idol duo of Reika Saiki and Ladybeard, revealed the long-awaited MV fo...

Pokémon mobile game

AKB48’s 9th general election

On May 31, the preliminary results ofAKB48's "General Election", which will decide the Senbatsu members to participate in the group's upcoming 49th single, were...

Music – Seiko Oomori

Hot on the heels of her stunning album kitixxxgaia, Seiko Oomori has taken no time to pause and has already announces her follow-up. Two in-fact.  Firstly, we w...

Oricon Weekly Charts

Oricon has released its weekly ranking for May 22 to 28. Take a look below! "


Table Tennis

Miu Hirano and Kasumi Ishikawa were victorious on the third day of action at the World Table Tennis Championships Wednesday, making it five out of five Jap

Saori Yoshida knocks down the tobacco

Japan's three-time Olympic wrestling gold medalist Saori Yoshida, right, takes down a tackle dummy in the shape of a giant cigarette as singer-songwri

‘Why do Japanese people stare at foreigners?‘

A clever and creative book cover designed by Arni Kristjansson to help non-Japanese residents living in Japan deflect attention away from themselves.


Japan successfully launched a satellite

Tokyo (AFP) - Japan successfully launched a satellite Thursday as part of a broader effort to build a homegrown geolocation system that boosts the accuracy of c