My Favorite News (June 4, 2017)


too cute

Warm your heart with these adorable new items from LIV HEART!

McDonald and caramel

What's sweeter than  caramel? Soft serve ice cream mixed with caramel!

Road bike inspired by Gundam’s Char

The Premium Bandai online store is accepting pre-orders for a custom road bike inspired by Char Azna

sacred sites

Japan is an extremely successful brand. It's also a tightly controlled one. The government wants lots of foreigners to visit its 2020 Tokyo Olympics, buy i

wearable robot arms

Swamped with work? Let MetaLimbs lend you a hand...or two.


Princess Mako

Table tennis


Toy company Tomy Co. unveiled an impressive collection of retro

flying car

TOYOTA, Aichi Prefecture--Toyota Motor Corp. is working on a

Color expresses

Beer Week

Behind the usual assortment of fresh produce and their derivative goods at the UNU Farmers' Market in Aoyama last weekend, Tokyo Beer Week 2017, which runs