My Favorite News (June 7, 2017)


Yukata is a summer kimono

Spend a night or a weekend with the girls, and bring home a summer kimono of your own!

Music Video - EGOIST

EGOIST are set to embark on their new tour <Greeting Tour 2017「E / A」> starting on July 17th where they will perform 7 concerts across 6 cities. In the meantime...

A sudden marriage

Held on May 22, 2017, the theme of Showa Idol Archives vol.9 was Mako Ishino. Born from Nippon TVs ...

armor dog

While its been over 150 years since the heyday of the samurai class, the fascination with them lives on. The talented craftsmen at SAMURAI AGE are doing their ...

Breasts and cats

Looking at round breasts and furry felines is said to generate maximum feelings of pleasure.

In This Corner Of The World

Tsuki ga Kirei — as the moon, so beautiful


K-Pop Girl Group Copies “Perfume”

Perfume is known as much for their eye-catching visuals as they are for their distinctive brand of electropop within the Japanese music industry, but it appears...


Princess Mako

PARO, Bhutan--Princess Mako visited a Buddhist monastery and a national museum on June 5 during her


3 giant pandas return to China

BEIJING--Three giant pandas born and raised in Japan have returned to China under a standard agreeme

To the world’s Donki

A local star was arrested

Suspect told police, 'I wanted to eliminate work stress and immerse myself in a feeling of liberation'

Molesting problem

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Monday launched a major campaign to eradicate groping on trains, amid a number of increasing grope-and-run incidents in the cap...