My Favorite News (June 8, 2017)


Seiko Matsuda – music video

Put a coin in the jukebox, take a seat in Seiko's Diner and be ready to be served a bop by none other than eternal idol Seiko Matsuda herself. The new pop numbe...

have a date now

While shopping complexes such as Tokyu Plaza and GINZA SIX are on the rise, Ginza itself is a city that has been bustling with energy for a long time. Its pack...

International Tokyo Toy Show – video

The Licca-chan doll, still going strong at 50, and other hit toys presented on video.

Dance with Devils

Check out the new key visual, movie stills, and info on the main staff!

Handmade digital art

Taking inspiration from the digital world, artist Masuda Toshiya seemingly plucks his pieces from the screen of a sandbox videogame. While his pixelated creatio...

love doll

Admirers at a love doll exhibition in Tokyo are a far cry from the stereotypical image of an intro


Princess Mako

PARO, Bhutan--Princess Mako hiked for over two hours June 6 to reach one of Bhutan's holiest landmar

Umbrella season

The rainy season has started in Tokyo and the rest of the Kanto region, the Japan Meteorological Age

Security cameras on trains

Ex-member of KAT-TUN

46 years escape

Tooth decay

TOYAMA -- Can watching television and playing video games for long periods of time increase the risk of children developing cavities? A study of elementary scho...

Purple rain

Japanese irises that symbolize the rainy season are in full bloom at Horikiri Shobu-en (Iris Garden) in Tokyo's Katsushika Ward on June 5, 2017. The Japan Meteo...

Reason for being late