My Favorite News (June 9, 2017)


Super Mario World

First glimpse of theme parks Nintendo World expansion looks as awesome as wed hoped.

Sleeping Cat

From lounging cross-legged on a chair to passing flat-out on a slice of bread, these napping cats look completely cozy.

Koichi Yanagimoto archivist exhibition

The Koichi Yanagimoto archivist exhibition at Six Factory was one of the best exhibitions I've seen in my life. This exhibition showcased the prolific person...


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the movie


It has been revealed that SEKAI NO OWARI have provided their song "RAIN" as the theme song for ex-Studio Ghibli director Hiromasa Yonebayashi's new anime featur...

Kenshi Yonezu – Music video

Singer/songwriter Kenshi Yonezu will be releasing his second single of the year, titled "Peace Sign", later this month on June 21st.  The lead song is currently...


Princess Mako

Princess Mako arrived home from her official visit to Bhutan on the morning of June 8, landing at Ha

Tenri Station

CoFuFun, not to be confused with covfefe, is a new multipurpose plaza outside Tenri Station in Nara prefecture that opened in April. Located roughly an hour sou...


Japans rainy season is imminent. When the rainfall starts in the morning you might think to yourself, Ugh, I really dont want to leave the house today. But ...

Police arrest officer

OGORI, Fukuoka Prefecture--Police arrested a police sergeant on June 8 on suspicion of killing his w


AV star Anri Sakaguchi not prosecuted

Starlet allegedly demanded ¥30,000 in return for not distributing photograph