My Favorite News (June 12, 2017)


Mister Donut

Mister Donut has started sales of eight kinds of Cotton Snow Candy from the 9th of June for a limited time offer. Cotton Snow Candy is a new kind of cold d...

Pokémon GO

Sprint wants to send you and three of your friends to Yokohama for the Pikachu Outbreak Festival in August!


IGA, Mie -- Mie University is looking to boost academic inquiry into ninjas, those famous black-clad spies of premodern Japan, with a new internationa


LONDON--A giant wave is on the verge of crashing down as three boatloads of people cling on for dear


NAGOYA--The operator of Legoland Japan is offering discounts to families in hopes that the pieces of


Japanese classic footwear

OSAKA -- Japanese traditional summer footwear, wooden sandals called

Traditional ceremony

KUMANO, Mie Prefecture--Local residents gathered on June 10 at the Maruyama terraced rice paddies of

Bear deterrent

Following the 2016 spate of injuries and deaths caused by wild bears in the Tohoku region, there seems to be little sign of this trend calming down in

Serious accident on highway

A freak car accident on an Aichi highway is captured in frightening detail.

2,000 career hits

Kamiji wins French doubles title

Self-Navigating Cargo Ships

When it comes to vehicles that can drive themselves, were looking at cars, taxis, buses, trains, trams, and so on, or at least for the most part where input fr