My Favorite News (June 15, 2017)



Each of the locally-themed designs will be limited for sale in different regions of the country.



Spin-Offs of Attack on Titan

From prequels to spoofs to even coloring books, we've got you covered when it comes to picking the best Titan side materials from the pile. Theron and Rebecca r...

Oricon Weekly Charts

Check out Oricon's weekly ranking for June 5 to 11 below!  "PICK IT UP&q

Kana Nishino


Princess Mako

Word of Princess Makos impending engagement, followed by news of her successful trip to Bhutan, came like a breath of fresh air at a time when Emperor Akihito...

fire ants

Fire ants, so named because of their excruciating sting, were found in Japan for the first time afte

Where to stay

Japans tourism authorities are baffled. The number of overseas tourists is increasing to new all-ti

flying car on highway

TOYOHASHI, Aichi -- The tour guide that accompanied a bus full of passengers heading for cherry picking said of an accident in which a car flew over the median ...