My Favorite News (June 18, 2017)


AKB48 General Election

On June 17, the results of AKB48's annual general election were announced. This was the 9th year for the general election to be held, and a total of 322 girls f...

Hey! Say! JUMP!

Before their best album drops for their 10th year anniversary on July 28, Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a double A-side single on July 5. Catchy, fast-p

Hikaru Utada

It's been announced that Hikaru Utada's next single Oozora de Dakishimete will be released for digital download on July 10th. This will be her first single to b...



NUMAZU, Shizuoka -- A special guest came all the way to this city from Kumamoto Prefecture on June 16 to thank a local volunteer disaster relief group -- supers...