My Favorite News (June 19, 2017)


Mary and The Witch’s Flower

To celebrate the opening of Mary and The Witchs Flower, a new anime film by former Studio Ghibli


Music – Leo Ieiri


In some rather sad news to bring you from the world of the dark arts, it turns out there is only ninja left in the whole of Japan.


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Giant panda

A rare giant panda cub born on June 12 at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo has begun showing dark markings around it
JR Higashi Nihon Retail Net will open a new type of souvenir shop that mainly offers figures with the theme of bringing back memories at Ueno Stations commer...

Amazon Japan

I'm not a big Amazon user, but I can still empathise with many on this list of Amazon happenings. Last night I saw a news item on the dark side of Amazon and ot...

Toilet Technology

In NPR's Elise Tries series, correspondent Elise Hu tries out new experiences in East Asia. In this episode, Japanese toilets: so automated and comfortable, you...


fireworks factory

SUKAGAWA, Fukushima -- As Japan's fireworks season approaches, a factory here is keeping busy preparing colorful sparks for firework festivals this su

police cat